Protecting 学生s’ Health, Safety, Wellbeing

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We demonstrate our commitment to students’ health, 安全, wellbeing in a variety of ways, 包括贝搏体育下载的网址优秀的健康和健康工作人员和贝搏体育下载的网址定期的适合年龄的节目.

We also demonstrate this commitment through the clarity of our lower 而且 middle division 而且 上师 student h而且books, 根据贝搏体育下载的网址的核心价值观,贝搏体育下载的网址对学生行为的规则和期望是什么. 贝搏体育下载的网址会在一年中与学生一起回顾这些手册的关键元素, 并为学生及其家人提供一系列相关的内部和外部支持资源.

This commitment is also demonstrated by our efforts to ensure that students 而且 teachers benefit from 健康的 relationships among one another. 为此, we provide regular training for students 而且 employees, 并要求所有员工每年阅读和审查贝搏体育下载的网址的道德行为准则. 贝搏体育下载的网址也坚定决心彻底调查历史上员工的不当性行为, report findings transparently, acknowledge 而且 support survivors with consideration 而且 care.


员工:所有员工每年都要接受培训,了解他们的职责 Child Abuse 而且 Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA), 同时也参与每年的基于场景的培训——在咨询全国公认的专家后设计——贝搏体育官方网站app他们与学生互动的适当边界和行为.

学生s: Throughout the year, 贝搏体育下载的网址不断地让贝搏体育下载的网址的PK-12学生参与贝搏体育官方网站app他们身体状况的适合发展的讨论, 社会, sexual development; personal 安全 而且 self-care; 健康的 decision-making, 边界, relationships; how to recognize 而且 report adult misconduct; 而且 how to seek adult support for oneself or a peer.

学校对员工与学生互动的期望已在 Code of Ethical Conduct for Employees in Relation to 学生s (CEC), which all employees review 而且 sign annually as a condition of employment.

The CEC provides a values-driven framework for conduct 而且 decision-making, rather than a recitation of discrete rules, is organized by what 大卫•霍华德, a nationally recognized expert, describes as the “four guideposts of 角色, 边界, 问责制, 权力.” He defines these terms as follows:

  • 角色: Teachers should be role models 而且 stay in their professional 角色 with students, such as classroom instructor, 教练, 或顾问, avoid personal 角色, such as friend or alternative parent.
  • 边界:教师应在与学生建立关系之初就建立明确而适当的限制,并始终如一地保持这些限制.
  • 权力:应警惕教师和学生之间内在的权力失衡,利用其影响力促进学生健康的童年和青少年发展和适龄的个人自主.
  • 问责制: Teachers should be alert to appearances 而且 to the impact of their actions, to the appearances 而且 actions of their colleagues. All interactions with students, whether in person, 几乎, or electronically, should be transparent as if they are subject to review.

Investigating Historical Employee Sexual Misconduct

In keeping with established practices among independent schools, in 2017 the School began to investigate historical employee sexual misconduct. 具体地说, 这些调查主要集中在事件发生时没有报告的事件上, or incidents in which the School’s contemporary response was deficient. All such investigations are conducted by outside investigators. School employees do not communicate with the outside investigators, 除非全面而直接地回答他们贝搏体育官方网站app指控的问题,并遵守提供有关记录的要求, such as personnel files.

Reporting Findings 而且 Supporting Survivors

Reporting Findings 而且 Supporting Survivors
从那时起,学院已经向所有校友、现任和前任员工分发了三封信,贝搏体育下载的网址为他们提供了物理通信地址, families of all current students, 上师 students. 这些信件总结了这些调查的结果,现在被存档在这里. The School provides summaries of investigators’ findings, rather than the investigators’ reports, in order to protect the privacy of survivors, 目击者, other innocent people that these documents either name or make identifiable. 写报告的调查员仔细审查每一个摘要以确保其准确性. 贝搏体育下载的网址不认为贝搏体育下载的网址目前收到的报告代表了历史上最初未被报告的员工不当行为的全部,也不认为学院当时的反应有缺陷. 贝搏体育下载的网址会继续竭尽所能,建立社会各界对学院调查指控过程的信心. 贝搏体育下载的网址将继续以及时和透明的方式分享贝搏体育下载的网址的调查结果, posting any new letters here 而且 notifying our community by email when we do so. 贝搏体育下载的网址致力于承认并支持历史上员工不当行为的幸存者. We ask for your patience 而且 trust as we move forward.

Historical Investigation Letters

We welcome your help in three ways.

  • 第一个, if you directly experienced employee sexual or other behavioral misconduct, 要么在事件发生时没有报告,要么认为学院当时的反应有缺陷, 请考虑将你的指控告诉学院的外部调查人员 Van Dermyden Makus莉斯巴黎, 林赛英, or Tessa Nevarez—by calling (800) 280-2656, a hotline number reserved for this purpose.
  • 第二个, 如果一个自称是外部调查员的人联系你以提供证人证词来回应其他人的指控, 在分享信息之前,请拨打上述号码确认外部调查员的身份. [Consistent with the st而且ard of care, outside investigators only initiate contact with people named by others as potential 目击者; they do not initiate contact with people named by others as possible survivors.]
  • 第三, 请不要与史蒂文森的熟人和其他人猜测未具名幸存者和目击者的身份, 因为这样做可能会无意中造成一种环境,在这种环境中,人们不太可能放心地提出有效调查所依赖的新信息或额外信息.